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Here on my Blog I'd like you to get in touch by leaving your comments. This is for Fans other Artists and illustrators to keep in touch with hints and tips.

Crest Design

Current ProjectsPosted by Celia Carlilie Mon, October 09, 2017 16:27:14
I recently designed this crest for the Fermoy walking group.

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Memory Quilt

MiscellaneousPosted by Celia Carlilie Sat, September 30, 2017 15:50:27
This is what I was working on last week. It's the first Quilt I've ever made.

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Puppet Video

MiscellaneousPosted by Celia Carlilie Sun, September 24, 2017 21:50:03
This is the video I made the puppets for: Click

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Puppets Again

Current ProjectsPosted by Celia Carlilie Wed, September 06, 2017 23:41:24

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Current ProjectsPosted by Celia Carlilie Wed, August 16, 2017 19:26:18
Another puppet I designed and created for my son's (soon to be released) video. His band is called Cassidy Club.

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Great story for 9 to 12 years.

MiscellaneousPosted by Celia Carlilie Mon, April 10, 2017 14:47:38
This is a wonderful story for 9 to 12 year olds especially those who love to sing. Click here.

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Article in Waterford Newspaper

MiscellaneousPosted by Celia Carlilie Fri, July 29, 2016 20:08:48

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Exhibition Opening

MiscellaneousPosted by Celia Carlilie Mon, July 25, 2016 17:54:59
Giving the opening address at artist Maria Dowling's exhibition in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

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